PTE training



Are you stuck with PTE? We are here to make you fly abroad. Florance Academy Thrissur is renowned for its reputation in producing starring results in the PTE exam. Our PTE training institute rewarding you with a huge score is not our lonely target. Developing your overall proficiency in handling the English language is also our priority.


Let us give an insight about PTE for the people who are having little to no knowledge about the same. PTE is Person Tests of English. It is a test to measure the proficiency of an individual in all aspects of the English language. There are four components for this test. It constitutes listening, reading, writing and speaking. Separate tests will be conducted for each section. The maximum achievable score in PTE is 90. It is calculated as an average score of the above-mentioned individual sections. Individual score for each portion is also important to consider. All the examination is computer oriented. This includes speaking test also. The biggest advantage of choosing PTE over other English language tests is that you don’t have to waste much time waiting for the results. The maximum delay for the result to get published is 5 days.

Florence Academy Thrissur is upholding a supreme position among the IELTS, PTE coaching centers in Thrissur. We consider it as our duty to convert your fears of exams into tears of joy. All our staff is well experienced in order to make your dream a reality. We always keep the batch size a compactable one to pay enough attention to each individual. More than quantity, we consider quality as a priority. The infrastructure and seating arrangements of our academy are specially designed to avoid any distractions. As the PTE exam is a completely computer-oriented one, we create proper arrangements for every individual to give complete access to the system.

            It is not just passing the exam. Our PTE training institute makes sure you don’t have to feel embarrassed once you reach your destination. Regular mock tests conducted in our institution will make you communicate like a native speaker. We have come across a lot of people who have deep knowledge of the language. But once they start speaking, they will get stuck somewhere. With proper application of gap-filling words, this problem can be solved and fluency can be maintained.

            Reminding you once again, this is not a pen and paper test. Some candidates may struggle a little bit in the beginning as they are not used to computers. But don’t worry. With the proper training given by us, your typing speed will be increased rapidly. The necessary basic IT knowledge requires to attend the examination also will be conveyed. But remember that you are not here to upgrade your typing skills. Florence academy makes sure to correct all your improper grammar usage. Along with this spelling mistakes will be also clarified. By the completion of the training, you will be able to write an essay in a well-structured format.

After all, the candidates will be undergone regular reviews. It’s not to find out the best of the batch. Instead, it is focused on figuring out the strength and weaknesses of each candidate. Necessary remedial measures will be taken to solve the issues and improve your level. The duration PTE test is 3 hours. This implies how important time management is. Through a systematic approach, we make sure you could attend to all the questions with peace of mind.


Florence Academy Thrissur is the most trustable PTE training institute available for you today if you are planning to crack PTE. The previous collection of question papers in our collection alone is enough for you to meet your expectation. Our thirst for excellence is unstoppable. With convenient timing and an affordable fee structure, we are setting the stage for a mission abroad. Contact us today itself for more details.